Why Preplan

Planning a funeral when the need arises forces the family to reach a consensus and to make many decisions quickly, and this must be done during a stressful time. Preplanning reduces the burden on the family, and giving more time for the family to gather and reminisce.

Our professional counselors will assist you in selecting the type of services that best reflects your lifestyle. You may select a casket and vault in advance. You may choose to pay for your funeral in advance, protecting against possible cost increases, or you may simply express your wishes so your family knows what to do when the need arises.

We believe that preplanning is so important that we honor prearrangements made with other funeral homes. Preplanning takes only a short while, and we offer the service free of charge. The peace of mind it will provide you and your family is immeasurable.

Please call us at (606) 785-3133 or toll free at (888) 785-3880 to schedule a preplanning appointment. You may also use our on-line preplanning tool

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